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Alcohol rehab admission for Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, the 46-year-old famous Hollywood actor and filmmaker, has broken his silence over his alcohol addiction treatment earlier this year. Affleck, whose ongoing battle with alcohol and gambling has been very much publicised, spent 40 days in a residential treatment centre for alcohol where he was admitted over the summer. There, he underwent his…

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Top 3 most dangerous drugs to mix alcohol with

Mixing alcohol and drugs can be deadly Many individuals who take illicit drugs will see alcohol as a less harmful substance. This incorrect belief leads to alcohol and drugs frequently being mixed together; the results of which can lead to addiction and can also prove to be fatal. Alcohol was involved in a third of…

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Hooked – London’s Art Exhibition Challenges Addiction & Recovery Perceptions

London’s New Science Gallery has opened an exhibition that is most certainly food for thought. Entitled Hooked: When Want Becomes Need, the art exhibition invites viewers to explore the complex and multifaceted world of addiction – steering you away from the stereotypical alcoholic and drug addict. Hannah Redler-Hawes, the curator responsible for pulling together resources…

How to survice a relationship break in recovery

How To Survive A Relationship Breakup In Recovery

An intimate relationship with a significant other can be challenging at the best of times. Like all relationships, there are periods of change, adaptation and growth. Sadly, despite your best efforts, a relationship that you have emotionally invested in may break down. When you are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction the end of…