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The Best Alcohol Treatment For An Effective Recovery

Alcoholism and problem drinking can take on many forms and can affect anyone. When an alcohol problem is costing you more than just money, it’s time to consider that you may be suffering from alcoholism and require professional help and treatment.

Whatever your problem is with alcohol, whether it is binge drinking, alcohol abuse, addiction or dependence, PCP can help.

Our primary alcohol rehab programmes are designed to unearth and address the issues that underlie the abuse of alcohol. For every individual that becomes addicted to alcohol, the reasons are very personal to them.

PCP, therefore, take a very compassionate and personalised treatment approach to alcohol treatment; rehabilitating each of our clients individually and as a whole.

We incorporate a number of evidence-based, powerful addiction treatments that help to change the mindset that propels active addiction; healing on a spiritual, mental, physical, social and emotional level

Each and every client that attends our primary alcohol rehab programme will be armed with the facts of alcoholism and the recovery tools required to break free from active alcohol addiction, permanently.

Alcohol Rehab Includes Detox Where Necessary

Our primary alcohol rehab includes a full medical alcohol detox where dependence is medically established. The first step in alcohol recovery is to stop alcohol safely with the assistance of medical and therapeutic support. Following detox, primary alcohol rehab can then be engaged with a clear mind.

On admitting to one of our specialist addiction treatment centres you will be comprehensively assessed by one of our rehab doctors. They will confirm any dependence on alcohol, drugs, or an activity that requires treatment. A full mental and physical health assessment will also be completed.

Although it is rare, some high-risk clients require hospitalisation prior to undergoing primary alcohol rehab. This applies to those that have severe medical or mental health complications, requiring stabilisation through intensive medical treatment.

A full medical alcohol detox helps diminish and control alcohol withdrawal symptoms and remove cravings. This makes detoxing from alcohol much safer, comfortable and achievable.

Alcohol & Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Any additional problems that are identified aside of alcoholism, will be treated simultaneously whilst you are in our care. This includes dual diagnosis illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and eating disorders.

We have found it imperative to treat all disorders presenting at the same time. Neglecting to treat one, can lead to a relapse of the other.

Inpatient Primary Alcohol Rehab

Our primary alcohol rehab is predominantly inpatient; with the exception of our London rehab, which can provide daycare alcohol treatment.

Inpatient is the preferred method of primary alcohol rehab; it removes the temptation to drink alcohol whilst you are detoxing and undergoing intensive rehabilitation.

Whether you require an alcohol detox or not, our primary alcohol rehab programme is tailored to your individual specific treatment needs.

We understand that no one size fits all when it comes to successfully treating alcoholism. Each treatment you receive will be adapted to your individual treatment requirements, beliefs and circumstances.

Do I Need Primary Alcohol Rehab?

If you are addicted to alcohol and unable to stop or control your alcohol consumption by yourself, then you will need an intensive treatment programme such as our primary alcohol rehab.

One thing that all alcoholics have in common, is that at some point in their drinking, they lose the power of choice and control when it comes to alcohol. For some, this happens quickly, for others more slowly.

Once you have lost the power of choice and control over your drinking, our experience is that it can never be regained. This is also the opinion of many respected medical and health institutes that now recognise alcoholism as a disease of the brain.

Intensive psychological and cognitive rehabilitation is required to achieve a significant change in your outlook and perception; otherwise, the same mindset that propelled your drinking in the first place will remain.

Primary alcohol rehab helps to rewire the brain to think differently, it also provides you with a defence against taking that first drink. Once the first drink is taken, there is no going back; your brain quickly recognises alcohol and reverts back to the obsessive thinking and compulsive actions of an active alcoholic.

Primary alcohol rehab will provide you with the foundations to maintain your sobriety and continue in your personal development and growth.

Why Do I Keep Relapsing On Alcohol?

Alcohol addiction is recognised as a chronic relapsing brain disease, by Public Health England and the National Institutes of Health.

If you are alcoholic and have experienced the painful demoralisation of relapse, you may well feel that there is something wrong with you and that there is no hope that you will ever recover. This is a common feeling amongst alcoholics.

Alcoholics are proven to be biochemically and psychologically affected by alcohol. Even if you are sober, continued personal growth and change is a must. A detox or period of abstinence alone, will not cure the psychological and progressive aspect of the disease of alcoholism.

The problem is not the alcohol itself, but your body and brain’s response to it. This you cannot control. PCP can teach you valuable coping strategies and relapse prevention techniques, that will help you stay sober on a long term basis. Relapse does not have to be part of your journey.

Repairing The Alcoholic Brain

The brain is significantly damaged by regular alcohol use, binge drinking and dependence. The more you drink, the more damage is sustained to the brain and other vital organs. For women, this tends to happen more quickly than for men.

Whilst some damage can be repaired through alcohol abstinence, the neural pathways will need to be cognitively re-programmed in order to restore sane thinking around alcohol if you are alcoholic.

By reprogramming the brain, you can adopt a healthy lifestyle that does not involve alcohol or addictive behaviours. This is why our primary alcohol rehab is intensive and delivers many psychotherapeutic and cognitive treatments that are proven to help recovery from alcoholism.

Many of the staff at PCP, including our highly qualified counsellors, are in recovery themselves. They wholeheartedly believe in the treatment that we deliver and are passionate about saving others.

Is Alcoholism An illness?

Alcoholism is not only illness but a chronic brain disease. If you suffer, you are not at fault for having it, just like you are not at fault for having any other kind of chronic illness.

Whilst alcoholism is not curable, in that you will never be able to revert back to safe or social drinking, thankfully it is treatable and sobriety can be maintained.

The first step towards recovery is to admit you have an alcohol problem and ask for help.

Alcoholism causes destruction and devastation not only to the sufferer but to those that love and care for them. Because of this destructive element, there is a general lack of understanding around alcoholism being an illness.

For an alcoholic who cannot stop or stay stopped in the community, primary alcohol rehab is often a much-needed lifeline and does indeed save many lives.

If you need help to stop drinking, please do not hesitate to call us; our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in any way that they can.

How Long Does Primary Alcohol Rehab Take?

How long you will need to spend in primary alcohol rehab depends on a number of different factors that we will consider during your free pre-admission assessment. Everyone is different and has different treatment needs.

Our primary alcohol rehab programmes run from 4 to 12 weeks. Usually, we recommend a minimum of an 8 to 12 weeks of inpatient treatment. Evidence shows that it takes the average human brain a minimum of 8 weeks to adopt new healthy practices and structure.

If you require longer than 12 weeks, we have extended care options available, including Secondary and Tertiary care.

What Happens After Alcohol Rehab?

In the early weeks, months and even the first few years of recovery, the risk of relapse for an alcoholic is very high.

So that we can continue to support you following completion of your treatment, PCP offers free aftercare sessions for as long as you need.

You will also be provided with an alcohol rehab aftercare package, showing you exactly where you can access help and support in your local area. This includes valuable advice on how to maintain your sobriety.

We can also arrange for one to one counselling to be continued at your request.

Primary Alcohol Rehab Programme

Our primary alcohol rehab programme delivers a number of evidence-based, cutting edge addiction treatments, that encourage a dramatic change in your thinking and outlook; healing you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Finding freedom from alcoholism is possible through PCP. Our rehab programme includes the following powerfully effective treatments:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Integrative and person-centred Counselling
  • Motivational interviewing techniques
  • 12 Step Therapy
  • Anger management
  • Addiction education
  • Relapse prevention
  • Holistic programme: including meditation, nutrition, yoga, art, crafts, relaxation, drama, equine therapy and more.

Immediate Rehab Admission

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol addiction and require immediate help, please call us today. We can facilitate an immediate admission to any one of our four exemplars, established CQC registered rehabs in London, Midlands, Essex and Bedfordshire.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our primary care alcohol rehab and advise you on any aspect of the treatment that we deliver.