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Safe, Effective & Confidential Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism and problem drinking can take on many forms and can affect anyone. When an alcohol problem is costing you more than just money, it’s time to consider that you may be suffering from alcoholism and require professional help and treatment. Whatever your problem is with alcohol, whether it is binge drinking, alcohol abuse, addiction or dependence, we can help.

Our primary alcohol rehab programmes are designed to unearth and address the issues that underlie the abuse of alcohol. For every individual that becomes addicted to alcohol, the reasons are very personal to them.

The Perry Clayman Project takes a very compassionate and personalised treatment approach to alcohol treatment; rehabilitating each of our clients individually and as a whole.

Alcohol Rehab Includes Detox Where Necessary

Our primary alcohol rehab includes a full medical alcohol detox where dependence is medically established. The first step in alcohol recovery is to stop alcohol safely with the assistance of medical and therapeutic support. Following detox, primary alcohol rehab can then be engaged with a clear mind.

On admitting to one of our specialist addiction treatment centres you will be comprehensively assessed by one of our rehab doctors. They will confirm any dependence on alcohol, drugs, or an activity that requires treatment. A full mental and physical health assessment will also be completed.

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What We Do

We provide safe, confidential, medical alcohol detox treatment at one of our trusted residential alcohol rehab clinics. All alcohol detox treatment is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and is delivered by our team of experienced in-house doctors and nurses.

How We Can Help

Most alcoholics feel hopeless, no matter how much they want to stop, they fail time and time again. However it is possible to stop and to stay stopped! Our team has helped thousands to recover from active alcohol addiction. We are ready to help you overcome this deadly disease, are you?

Why Choose Us

We operate the UK’s leading drug and alcohol rehab centres and have been successfully treating people for over 15 years. We treat our clients with respect and dignity, and pride ourselves on creating a safe, comfortable environment for you to receive your alcohol detox treatment.

How to Get Help

Getting professional help is the first real step to overcoming your alcohol addiction. We invite you to use the live chat function to get in touch with a member of our team or contact us via telephone for immediate support and admission. Call today on 0800 0380 480.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment FAQ

Browse through some of our most frequently asked alcohol rehab questions.

What is alcohol rehab?

Alcohol rehab is a medium to long term course of intensive, specialist treatment, focussing on enabling people who have alcohol problems to understand what is underlying their addiction. Our alcohol rehab programme is delivered by qualified Psychotherapists and Counsellors, most of whom have also successfully recovered from an addiction themselves. The aim of our rehab programme is to help ‘free’ people from the negative thinking, behaviours and emotions that lead to and were part of the addiction, and teach a new way of living that will lead to long term abstinence from alcohol.

Will I receive 1-2-1 counselling

100% – All clients receive a structured 1-2-1 counselling session each week. Our counsellors are also on hand throughout to assist when problems arise or if you’re having a bad day, they will always be there for you to provide a listening ear.

What type of treatment will I receive in rehab?

All of counsellors studied for over 4 years in University to be able to provide the treatment that we offer at PCP, so it is incredibly varied. A lot of the work we do is in groups, which will focus on various aspects of addiction. We teach all of our clients the full 12 step programme, which is a tried and trusted method for overcoming an addiction, we offer CBT and deliver other alternative groups such as Art Therapy and Guided Meditation. Our counsellors will work with you on an individual basis to see what is behind your addiction and tailor the work that they do with you to cover the areas that we agree with you that need to be addressed.

What is the difference between home detox and residential detox?

The medication you receive will usually be the same in a home detox, however with a home detox there are no medical staff available if you feel unwell or need more medication, for example. You also receive no therapy in a home detox, so it is just the physical dependency that is being treated. This usually leads to relapse as the underlying issues that lead to the problem drinking, have not been dealt with.

Will I receive aftercare support once I have finished the rehab programme?

Aftercare is a crucial part of the treatment process, because maintaining abstinence and recovery can be hard at first, especially after leaving rehab. Rehab Today by PCP offers a weekly face to face aftercare group, as well as ongoing telephone counselling. These services are completely free and are available to you for as long as you need them.  

How much does alcohol rehab cost?

Our alcohol rehab programme is the most cost effective in the UK. The cost does vary based on the treatment location, single or shared occupancy and the length of treatment required, so please speak to one of our experienced addiction treatment advisors who will go through all of the options.

What is the difference between Rehab Today by PCP rehab and the treatment that you can receive at a local alcohol service?

The main difference is the intensity of the intervention that we provide, which is all day every day, compared with maybe one session per week. Our rehab programme, being away from your home, also means that you are able to focus entirely on overcoming this problem without the stresses of everyday life and work

What can I bring to rehab?

You will need to bring with you clothes, toiletries and a towel as well as any medications that are prescribed to you. You may also bring with you your wallet, phone, books, pictures of loved ones. You will not be allowed your phone for the first 72 hours of treatment, after this you may make calls in the evening.

How long are your rehab programmes?

Our primary care rehab programmes can be for 2, 4, 8 or 12 weeks. We also offer a secondary rehab programme of up to another 12 weeks for those that want even longer term. As a general rule, as you would expect, the longer that someone is in rehab the better the outcome is going to be.

Do your rehab programmes include medical detox?

All of our rehab programmes include medical detox that run alongside the rehab. Unlike other services, we really encourage people undergoing the detox to fully engage with the rehab where they can.

Can my family visit me whilst I am in rehab?

Absolutely. One of the most important things about recovery from an addiction, is re-connecting and re-building relationships with loved ones, so we encourage visits from supportive family and friends on the weekend. On these visits you are free to go for a coffee, take a walk in the park – this time is for you and them and it is so very important.

Do you have medically trained staff?

The Doctor who completes the initial medical assessment, is a specialist in alcohol detox, as are our Nurses who oversee the alcohol detox package of care. All of our staff have been trained to oversee and manage symptoms of withdrawal, including clinical observations, taking blood pressure etc. All of our staff are highly experienced in care settings, so you will be well looked after.

Can I smoke in rehab?

All of our clinics have designated outdoor smoking areas and there are breaks throughout the day for people to vape and smoke. We find that in rehab a lot of people do turn to vaping or attempt to abstain from smoking as well, purely because they want to free themselves from all of their addictions and have the newfound confidence to do so.

"PCP Alcohol rehab saved our family. My husband is a changed man and our children are so grateful. Thank You!"

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