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Our Addiction Treatment Centre Locations

With five locations and a variety of treatment programs and stages, we’ll have the right treatment for your alcohol, drug or behavioural addiction.

Luton rehab London


Located in South Bedfordshire, just north of London, our Luton rehab clinic is only a few minutes drive from Luton airport and train station, with easy and quick travel links from London.



Rehab Today by PCP, Chelmsford, Essex is a large, open plan alcohol and drug inpatient rehab clinic, conveniently situated on the London commuter belt in South Essex.

drug and alcohol cardiff


Rehab Today by PCP Cardiff is our newest residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic. Rehab Today by PCP is a large affordable rehab, that offers excellent addiction treatment at a very competitive price.



Rehab Today by PCP Leicester in the Midlands, is a beautifully decorated, spacious victorian building, offering inpatient detox and rehab treatment centre for alcohol and drugs.



Rehab Today by PCP Clapham drug and alcohol rehab in London offers a luxurious treatment experience at an affordable cost.

Rehab Today by PCP - Get help with your addiction to Gaming Alcohol Drugs Gambling Codependency

A Drug and Alcohol counsellor sites with a client in a private addiction treatment centre

Private Addiction Treatment Centres

Rehab Today by PCP (The Perry Clayman Project) has a number of quality private addiction rehabilitation clinics throughout the UK, but our fight against addiction has only just begun. 

We have big plans over the coming years to continue our expansion by opening even more treatment facilities and residential rehab clinics

We want to provide those who need it most with the help, access, support, and treatment that they require to overcome the issues that have been holding them back from living the life that they deserve. 

Addiction is a nasty disease that is ravaging the UK and it is something that can affect just about anyone. 

If you are currently battling with drug or alcohol abuse, or any other form of addiction, we have a variety of rehab services, including support groups, and various treatment programs at our rehabilitation centres designed to facilitate your recovery.

The First Step to Addiction Rehabilitation

Whether you need addiction rehab, a drug or alcohol detox or any other form of rehabilitation treatment, the first step is acceptance.

Addiction has a really clever way of pulling the wool over our eyes. It often takes us a long time to realise that we have a problem because we are holding on to the person we used to know before our lives were turned upside down by our vices. 

Before we know it, many of our close relationships are suffering and we barely recognise ourselves – which is when seeking treatment and getting checked into rehab becomes an essentiality. 

Rehab Today by PCP (The Perry Clayman Project) is dedicated to reuniting people like you who are struggling, with your former self. Let’s get your mental health back to a point where you are no longer ashamed of the person you see in the mirror. 

It may seem like pie in the sky, but if you are willing to accept that there are people who have suffered as you are right now and have made it through to the other side of rehab in one piece, then you’ll have got the hardest part out of the way. 

Make no mistake, it’s mostly uphill from here but it does get easier as you will have the full backing of our private rehab and medical experts behind you. 

Remember that being accepting of the fact that you are struggling is not a weakness – the reality is that it’s one of the hardest and most critical steps toward getting the right treatment that you deserve and making a full recovery. 

So, if you are sick and tired, of being sick and tired and having your life dictated by your addictions, then we invite you to the next step of your recovery action. 

Someone walking up the streps to a Addiction Rehabilitation centre
Group Support - A counsellor sits with a client in a Private Rehab treatment centre

Private Rehab Treatment

There is nothing quite so lonely as struggling with an addiction that keeps holding you down. Friends and family members may try to offer their sympathies by saying things like: “Just stop. Don’t do it anymore, it’s as easy as that.” 

Of course, as well-intentioned as such comments might be, we know that they don’t necessarily make things any easier.

If only alcohol or drug addiction were that simple. Sure, you appreciate the outstretched arm, but when addiction has you wrapped up so tight you can barely breathe it really isn’t as straightforward as just ‘giving up’. 

In fact, when it starts to affect your mental health, freeing yourself from any form of addiction can feel like a towering impossibility. 

The sad reality is that addiction doesn’t go easy on anyone. It treats us all with the very same coarseness and brutal disregard – eating away at our self-worth and rendering our mental health in tatters. However, therein lies the key to addiction rehabilitation: realising the fact that you are not alone.

Confidential Treatment and Detoxification

As hopeless as you may feel right now, we want to remind you that there are support groups out there who know exactly what you are going through. 

People who have battled with and overcame alcohol addiction; people who once thought that drug addiction treatment and recovery would never be on the cards for them; and people who have had the good fortune of coming out the other end of a private rehab clinic feeling like themselves again – back in control and positive about the future.

We understand the alienating sensation that comes with feeling as though nobody gets you. And when everyone who is close to you looks at your addiction as selfishness, entitlement or even laziness it can push us even further away. 

That is precisely why seeking help from our private rehab clinics is the remedy you’ve been yearning for; because we wholeheartedly understand – from experience – that there is nothing simple, easy, or selfish about your problem.

A counsellor sits with a client in an addiction rehab treatment centre
Piece of paper with addition on it being torn in half

Addiction Rehab Treatment

Addiction has many different faces, and all of them are ugly. What may have started out as a bit of fun can quickly become an obsession – at which point you no longer have control over taking, using, or doing something that may begin to cause you and those close to you harm. 

And while the disease has typically been associated with smoking, drinking, and taking drugs, it’s possible to be addicted to practically anything. 

Certainly, being addicted to work doesn’t exactly sound like a bad thing on the surface at least. However, when that particular addiction becomes so rooted in your existence that you become physically exhausted and your personal relationships start to suffer as a result, that is when it becomes dangerous. 

The point is: at Rehab Today by PCP (The Perry Clayman Project), we do not judge. We will not discriminate because addiction certainly does not. 

No matter what it is that you are struggling with, if it is affecting your mental health and making you feel trapped and hopeless, then we want to provide you with all of the consideration, guidance, and private treatment that you need to take back control of your life once more. 

Alcohol Rehab Treatment

If you need treatment for alcohol addiction then getting checked into a private alcohol rehab program is the first step in getting you back to full health. 

Drinking is something that is quite heavily rooted in UK culture so it’s no wonder why many people suffer with addiction. 

Again, what likely started out as social drinking can all too easily spiral out of control. 

As an inpatient at one of our private rehab clinics, you will have 24/7 expert care from medical professionals and people who have been exactly where you are right now. 

If you want to take back control of your life and kick the habit then give us a call today. Our friendly advisors can offer you free advice on how to move forward and we can beat this together.

A lady drinking from a large bottle of Alcohol
An overturned glass emptying drug capsules on a table

Drug Rehab Treatment

Are you struggling with an addiction to taking drugs? Do you desperately want to free yourself of your vices and work through a tailor-made rehab treatment program that can help you take back control? 

If so then we have a number of treatments that will get you moving in the right direction. 

It’s a long process that can feel incredibly daunting at first, however, if you get in touch with us our medical experts can get you booked into one of our private drug rehab programs and begin your recovery today. 

Don’t let the fear of withdrawal symptoms keep you from living the life that you deserve. 

With a good drug detox, the right therapy, and a superior rehab treatment that is tailored to your unique situation, we can have you back in the driver’s seat in no time.

Why Choose Rehab Today by (PCP)?

Rehab Today by PCP (The Perry Clayman Project) private rehab clinics have helped thousands of people to overcome alcohol and drug addiction, helping them to change their lives for the better. It’s what we do, and we’re very good at it.

In fact, almost all staff at Rehab Today by PCP are in recovery. Who better to help others than those who have been through addiction treatment themselves?

Each treatment program is tailored to our client’s individual physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

We don’t just remove the alcohol and drugs through detox treatment: we treat the causes to help clients to become the person they have always been deep down, but have since lost touch with.

Many of our staff have done it. We know people can get well – and exactly how to go about it.

We offer free advice and guidance on addiction, treatment, detox, rehab and recovery. We’re the best-placed people in the UK to do so.

We also expertly treat dual diagnosis conditions, including : Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress, Eating, Gambling and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. 

We believe that no one is too far-gone to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. The addiction treatment therapies our rehabs deliver enable us to witness the miracle of recovery on a daily basis.

Contact Us For Immediate Admission

Speak to a member of our team about your issues today on 0800 038 0480.

Man reunited with his son after treatment at Rehab Today by PCP

Tailored Treatment

Here at Rehab Today by PCP we take great pride in our approach in providing a safe and secure private rehab treatment to our valued clients. While we have an understanding of what you are going through, we know that no two cases are the same. As such, we tailor our treatment, whether it be drug rehab, alcohol rehab or any other form of addiction rehabilitation, to your specific needs and requirements.

Full Time Medical Staff

One of the most frightening prospects of joining a private rehab facility is the thought of going through withdrawal symptoms. Rest assured that as difficult as it will be, we have full time medical staff onsite to support you and administer the precise amount of medication needed to get you through those tough initial stages.

Addiction treatment and withdrawal can be particularly painful, but your health and safety is our number one priority. Our medical experts will keep you in good health and support your recovery with the utmost care and consideration.

24/7 Expert Support & Care

From free addiction advice to group therapy, the staff at all of our rehab facilities will provide you with expert care around the clock.

Your rehabilitation is important to us and we will be there to support you whenever you need it. From the moment you set foot in one of our private rehabilitation centres as an inpatient and long after you have finished your treatments, you are part of the family.

Free Aftercare & Liaison

Our rehabilitation treatment and support extend far beyond your stay with us. Once you are over the worst of it and feel ready to get back to living your life, we will provide you with access to free aftercare and liaison at your convenience.

Any time you feel down and alone or simply need someone to speak to, our expert staff are at your disposal.

Living with and overcoming addiction is an ongoing process and we completely understand that there will be difficult days ahead. Just know that Rehab Today by PCP (The Perry Clayman Project) will be with you every single step of the way of you addiction recovery for as long as you need our support – and of course, every discussion is confidential.

PCP logo on the wall of one of their Treatment centres

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