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Our rehab in Luton is where our journey began, being our first detox and rehab centre, opened in 2005. Its success has enabled the Perry Clayman Project to further expand to four further locations across the UK.

PCP Luton is a large affordable rehab, that offers excellent addiction treatment at a very competitive price. We have 13 on-site detoxification beds, with 5 specially built rooms for patients who require higher intensity monitoring to keep them safe. 

PCP Luton has a purpose built commercial kitchen, with Chef on-site preparing 3 nutritious meals a day.

We want to ensure that you or your loved one are as safe and as comfortable as possible during detox, so provide 24 hour staffing to ensure that patients are supported and observed at all times. 

Our team have access to medication on-site, via our Home Office Stock License which allows us to keep a stock of medication available to staff to administer if a patient needs it

What We Do

We Provide safe, confidential medical alcohol detox treatment at one of our trusted residential alcohol rehab centres. All alcohol detox treatment is regulated by the Care Quality Commision and is provided by our experienced in-house doctors and nurses.

How We Can Help

Most alcoholics feel hopeless, no matter how much they want to stop, they fail time and time again. However it is possible to stop and to stay stopped! Our team has helped thousands to recover from active alcohol addiction. We are ready to help you overcome this deadly disease, are you?

Why Choose Us

We operate the UK’s leading drug and alcohol rehab centres and have been successfully treating people for over 15 years. We treat our clients with respect and dignity, and pride ourselves on creating a safe, comfortable environment for you to receive your alcohol detox treatment.

How to Get Help

Getting professional help is the first real step to overcoming your alcohol addiction. We invite you to use the live chat function to get in touch with a member of our team or contact us via telephone for immediate support and admission. Call today on 0800 0380 480.

Ideal Rehab Location

Our rehab clinic in Luton is ideally situated within easy reach of London, 25 minutes on the train from Kings Cross, St Pancras. We are also very easy to access from all areas of the UK and overseas, with a large airport only ten minutes drive from the treatment centre. Our staff are available to collect patients from these transport links.

Luton, Bedfordshire, is a busy multicultural and diverse town; boasting its own cinema, games and bowling complex, a large indoor shopping area, library, nearby college and plenty of cafes and restaurants to enjoy.

There is also a spacious and beautiful nature reserve nearby at Stockwood Park. Luton’s Discovery Centre and transport museum are ideal for young and old enquiring minds. Stockwood Park, The Discovery Centre and Transport Museum are all free to access; making Luton an ideal place for the families of our clients to visit.

Affordable, Effective Rehab Treatment

At PCP Luton we have made it possible for the vast majority of individuals to access affordable alcohol and drug rehab. We understand the nature of addiction and are devoted to saving lives. We have every faith in our treatment programme, that has helped more than a thousand individuals to experience the miracle of permanent recovery from addiction.

We offer a number of proven and extremely effective treatments, delivered by highly skilled and experienced counsellors, many of whom are in recovery themselves. Each treatment programme is specifically tailored to your individual treatment needs; we realise that there is no one size fits all when it comes to treating addiction; whether it be to drugs, alcohol or a behaviour.

We effectively treat all manner of substance and behavioural addictions and offer a supportive and healing environment that fosters new healthier coping mechanisms and a productive structure. We also specialise in treating dual diagnosis clients and can accommodate those with a co-occurring illness of an eating disorder.

Our treatment programme works with the foundations of the highly effective 12 Step model of recovery, incorporating holistic therapies, CBT, One to Ones with an assigned counsellor, Art therapy, Yoga and much, much more! There are also frequent supervised visits to town and fun days arranged.

PCP Luton offers a very comprehensive addiction treatment programme at a price that is hard to beat. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our client’s recovery and wellbeing, with our holistic and person-centred approach to recovery.

Long-term and Short-term Treatment Programmes

Our detox and rehab centre in Bedfordshire, offers a number of bespoke treatment programmes, ranging from short term detoxes to long term detox and rehabilitation. We offer primary, secondary and tertiary care, with supported living accommodation nearby.

Many of our clients that graduate from primary care treatment, either go on to secondary care or into our sober living houses. This allows them the time and support to adjust to life, sober and clean.

We encourage our clients to become part of a large, exciting and well-established recovery community; that offers daily meetings of AA, CA and NA close by, to assist them in their continued growth and recovery.

We are also here to help clients develop new skills and access education if they wish; allowing each person the opportunity to become the person they have always wanted to be before addiction took over their lives.

For all those that complete a primary care treatment programme with us, there is a year’s complimentary recovery focused aftercare. One to ones with our Counsellors can also be arranged on an as-needed basis.

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Supported Living Accommodation

PCP Luton also has a large number of supported living houses, which many of our clients choose to stay in after completing inpatient treatment.

Whilst they are residing within our houses, we frequently conduct inspections and alcohol and drug tests randomly; to ensure that our clients stay safe, clean and sober. We also offer support for any issues that they may have and invite them to attend our aftercare and keywork sessions on a regular basis.

Benefits of our addiction treatment clinic in Luton, include:

  • 24/7 professional care available
  • Full medical alcohol and drug detox, conducted in an integrated purpose-built clinic
  • Comprehensive treatment for behavioural addictions
  • Affordable and cost-effective rehab
  • Short term and long term programmes
  • A holistic and person-centred treatment approach
  • CQC regulated
  • Phone use allowed out of clinic hours
  • Ideal location for London
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Bespoke rehabilitation programmes
  • Multidisciplinary clinical team
  • Proven and effective addiction treatment
  • One to One Counselling
  • Relapse prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Supported housing
  • Free aftercare on completion of treatment
  • Same day urgent admission

“I spent a total of 12 weeks in primary care and then moved into supported living for a year at PCP in Luton. The recovery community there is amazing and so supportive. Id been entrenched in my prescription drug addiction for many, many years; it had become a normal way of life for me, but was killing me at the same time. PCP detoxed and rehabilitated me. Furthermore they supported me after, when at my most vulnerable, I had no suitable home environment to return to. Quite simply, I owe them my life and now lead a drug free life and am reunited with my family and children. I cannot put into words how grateful and blessed I feel.”


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At Rehab Today by PCP Luton we have made it possible for the vast majority of individuals to access affordable alcohol andn drug rehab. We understand the nature of addiction and are devoted to saving lives. We have every faith in our treatment programme, that has helped more than a thousand individuals to experience the miracle of permanent recovery from addiction.

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"Rehab Today by PCP Alcohol and Drug Rehab Clinic in Luton has changed my mother's life for the better. I highly recommend their rehab services.

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