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One of the questions anyone who wants to enter alcohol rehab asks oneself is: “What is the alcohol rehab process like?”. It’s normal to ask yourself this question, and this is what we’re trying to explain in this post.

​ Alcohol dependence treatment – how is it to approach one of the alcohol rehab centres?

Alcoholism, clinically referred to as alcohol use disorder (AUD), is a common, chronic, and sometimes progressive medical condition that involves the compulsive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol rehab can vary, depending on the patient’s needs. But most of the time, the battle within is the hardest to fight for the patient.
Maybe the most difficult phase during the rehab treatment is to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. It’s not easy, but this is why we’re here with each one of our patients and take care of them during the process.


​ Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

If you have been drinking excessively over a certain period and you stop drinking suddenly, you may experience one or more alcohol withdrawal symptoms:

· Sweating
· Higher heart rate, often over 100 beats per minute
· Problems with sleeping with intense dreams and nightmares
· Nausea and vomiting
· Poor appetite
· Restlessness
· Poor memory and decision-making
· Higher sensitivity to light, sounds, or touches

Does it sound scary? It might be for some of the ones entering alcohol rehab. Yet, our patients take full benefit of our guidance and cope very well with these symptoms.
We always tell them: the alcohol withdrawal symptoms are part of the rehab process. It’s when you know you’re on a good path for getting back your health and vindicate your addiction.

​ Alcohol withdrawal treatment

You should know that there is help available for people trying to give up alcohol, even after a lifetime of heavy drinking. Treatments can reduce or eliminate most of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.
You do not have to wait for a breaking point to check into a rehab centre. People voluntarily check in every day.
Professional help ensures that any health complications that arise are addressed immediately. These professionals may even administer medications to ease physical withdrawal symptoms and make this process easier.

As a fully residential alcohol addiction treatment provider, PCP provides affordable and life-saving alcohol and drug detox and rehab treatment of exceptional quality. When you walk into one of our treatment centres and meet our team, you will immediately feel a sense of warmth, hope, positivity, and a caring family atmosphere.
Our passionate team treats every client with empathy and respect. We operate in complete confidence, so you can be sure that your rehabilitation will take place with the best-suited treatment centre we can provide and that your right to privacy is fully respected and protected. Over the years, PCP has built a multi-disciplinary team of Doctors, Nurses (RGN/RMN), qualified counsellors, and support workers who are all committed to providing the best possible support and treatment for every individual that walks through our doors.

​ For some, to enter the alcohol rehab process is scary enough. Why?

 Some of those who admit they need rehab centres’ help to vindicate their addiction avoid entering the rehabilitation process. Why?

We talked to some of our patients to find out what made them postpone the rehab. Yes, they finally overcome their fears, and yes, they finally approached us to help them. And they presented one or more of the following reasons:

· Perceived social stigmas associated with being in rehab.
· The belief that issues can be solved by the strength of will alone, and without professional help.
· Fear of sharing with others or being vulnerable.
· Financial trouble that makes it hard to pay for treatment.
· Fear of an employer finding out about their addiction or getting fired.

The above-mentioned reasons are among the most mentioned by our patients. Yet, each one of them realized the rehab process is more important in the long run than any of the fears that might overwhelm you at present.
Health is above the social stigma, above the fear of losing your job, and even above your perceived vulnerability.

​ Rehab centres are safe and supportive environments for alcohol addicted patients

The goal of therapy in the rehabilitation process is to help patients change their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours concerning substance abuse, engage in the treatment and be encouraged to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

During detox and throughout treatment, patients may be prescribed medications to help them with the recovery process.

Depending on your specific needs and current situation, there are plenty of additional questions to ask treatment providers whenever you try to choose the right drug rehab centre for yourself or a loved one.

​ Therefore, a good rehab centre includes:

· Multiple therapies offered, including individual counselling, group counselling, and alternatives like music therapy
· A strong bond between team members
· A respectful atmosphere that includes respect between staff and other staff and respect for patients
· A safe, clean environment

​ Rehab treatment & facilities within our alcohol rehab centres

Our therapists may also help you improve your emotional regulation skills to avoid relapse. Group counselling provides you with the opportunity to practice sober social skills, as well as the coping strategies you learned in individual counselling. Family therapy sessions can help repair broken relationships, improve communication skills, and build conflict resolution skills.

Within the rehab centres, you will begin to participate in group support meetings with other people who also learn what it takes to live a sober life.
Our centres have medical professionals ranging from psychiatrists to addiction psychotherapists who facilitate your stay and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to help you get over these addiction issues and find stability.

​ How to beat the alcohol addiction within our rehab centres

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