Statistics released from ONS (Office for National Statistics) has reported a 45% percent increase in the number of deaths of the age range 50 plus over the past 15 years.

Alcohol adults over 50In 2016, 5,208 individuals aged 50 and over, died specifically from alcohol-related illness or poisoning; this was compared to 3,582 deaths amongst the same age range in 2001.

Statistically, research also shows that if you are male and over 40 that you are in the highest risk group of a drug overdose and drug poisoning.

In 2016, individuals aged 40 to 49 had the highest death rate in England and Wales from drug poisoning ever recorded. Over half all drug-related deaths (54%) were attributed to an opiate (mainly heroin or morphine).

So what are these statistics telling us and what needs to be done to reduce the amount of middle age and elderly deaths?

Older people need to Be Educated on Addiction and Alcoholism Too

The statistics certainly indicate that it is the middle age to the older generation that is suffering the most from alcoholism and substance misuse.

PCP feel that this is due to this generation being overlooked by the NHS, media and overall in general: Educational videos and awareness campaigns are mainly aimed at teenagers up to young 30-somethings. We know so much more about addiction now than ever before, and how to successfully treat it. Alcoholism and addiction educations need to be filtered down to all age groups, not just the young party generation.

Addiction is no longer a mystery, it is a proven and chronic disease of the brain; left untreated it will only ever get progressively worse. You are never too old or too far gone in alcoholism or drug addiction to engage in treatment and turn your life around.

Alcohol Rehab For All

PCP alcohol and drug rehabs have treated numerous individuals of all ages and all walks of life; who had felt that their life was overdue to alcohol or drugs. Our team of experienced addiction counsellors work hard to reinspire our clients, regardless of age or background, that life is still worth living and therefore worth fighting for.

“We have had so many success stories (too many to mention), where clients of an older age bracket are experiencing a second chance at parenthood to their now adult children and creating a life for themselves that is exciting and enjoyable. More importantly, it is also alcohol and drug-free!”

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Over 50s are at higher risk of sustaining brain damage from excessive alcohol intake

Alcoholism and Addiction Do Not Discriminate

Alcohol and drug addiction can and does affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, political/religious beliefs, social class or upbringing. As a disease of the brain, it is not a matter of choice.

Back in the day when the older age group was young, drinking, smoking and dabbling with drugs was seen as pretty harmless. Today, we know how alcohol and drugs affect us medically and mentally, both short term and long term.

We are sadly witnessing a rise in deaths of middle-aged and older alcoholics and drug addicts. Over the past decade, both alcohol and drug-related deaths have risen substantially. Drugs are far stronger today and easier to obtain than ever before. Alcohol, culturally, is promoted as a way of relaxing, socialising and melting away the stresses of the day.

Realistically, there are far more effective ways to deal with stress, emotions and life’s challenges. We (PCP) educate our clients and enhance their coping skills with far healthier alternatives and a steadfast programme of recovery.

Helping a Parent or Partner with Alcohol or Drug Addiction

It is easy for older individuals to fall beneath the radar of addiction treatment. If they have always used drugs or drank a certain way, they are likely to be stubborn and resistant to change.

They may well view alcohol rehab or drug rehab as something that younger people access. Nevertheless, it is vital that you try to help them to see that problematic alcohol and drug use can and does lead to an early grave.

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