Heroin addiction signs and symptoms

Heroin is a devasting drug, and at PCP, we have successfully treated hundreds of Heroin addicts over the years. As with any addiction, most users will hide their addiction as much as possible and can be very clever in this regard. Here are the main signs and symptoms of Heroin addiction.

  • Finding drug paraphernalia, such as folded tin foil, glass pipes, scorched spoons, tourniquets, sooty residue, needles, citrus packs (used to break down heroin for intravenous administration)
  • Finding brown or off white powder in clear plastic bags, uninflated balloons or wraps
  • They have a grey skin pallor and have a gaunt pinched look to their face and unexplained weight loss
  • Money or valuables going missing
  • They have become very unreliable and hard to get hold of
  • They have lost interest in family, friends, work and hobbies they used to enjoy
  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Slow, slurred, delayed speech
  • Sleepiness and “nodding” in and out of sleep
  • Slumped posture whilst intoxicated
  • Appear uncaring, engulfed in their own euphoric feelings
  • Track marks, bruising or abscesses to limbs
  • Acting very out of character, being secretive, lying, evasive and disappearing without explanation


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