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Are you struggling with addiction and worry that it might be getting out of hand? If so, we encourage you to read this page. We’re going to talk about the devastating impacts of drug and alcohol addiction and what it can do to a person’s life if not treated properly.

In addition to that, we will walk you through some of the tell-tale signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction, and how our residential rehab centres in Exeter can help you turn your life around with the finest addiction treatments.

We understand how hopeless and alienating it can feel when struggling with addiction – whether you are the addicted individual, or it’s someone that you love. In any case, we want you to know that you are not alone. There is help and support available and together we can work toward getting you the effective addiction treatment you need. Read on to find out more…

About drug and alcohol addiction

What is drug or alcohol addiction? To those who don’t fully understand addiction, they would say that addiction is an excuse used by weak and self-destructive individuals, however, that line of thinking is dangerous and couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is, addiction is a disease and there is much more to it than meets the eye. You see, addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease. In other words, those who are suffering with substance abuse are unable to overcome their struggles because the way that they think, feel, and act has been impacted by the drugs and alcohol they are using to excess.

That is when a person’s physical and mental health can begin to deteriorate, leading to a wide variety of problems, such as having trouble maintaining relationships (both personal and professional), holding down a job, and suffering from the long term health afflictions associated with addiction.

What is quite possibly the most frustrating thing about addiction is the fact that many people who suffer with substance use are fully aware that they have a problem (and a desire to be free of it), though lack the support and know-how to successfully overcome it.

This is where Rehab Today by PCP comes in; we can provide you with free confidential advice on how to start on the journey to recovery. But first, let’s explore the dangers of addiction, and the short and long term symptoms to look out for.

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Drug Abuse

Substance abuse is on the rise in the UK. The main reason behind this is the fact that getting hold of drugs is becoming much easier – particularly through the black market.

What once may have started out as harmless experimentation with friends can all too quickly deteriorate into a life-threatening disease.

Short & Long Term Symptoms of Drug Addiction

While taking drugs on the short term is dangerous, the real devastation comes after prolonged use.

Below we will list some of the tell-tale signs that a person is suffering from drug addiction. If the following apply to you, we urge you to contact us today for more information on alcohol and drug rehab treatment.

Short term:

  • Shallow breathing and shortness of breath

  • Elevated body temperature (including the sweats)

  • Rapid (or irregular) heart rate

  • A dangerous increase in blood pressure

  • Insomnia and having difficulty sleeping at night (irregular sleeping patterns and days on end without sleep)

  • Slurred speech

  • Loss of appetite

  • Uncoordinated movements and clumsiness

  • Having difficulty concentrating on normal day to day tasks, including work duties

  • Irritability and loss of patience

  • Aggression toward others

  • Angry outbursts (often over trivial things)

  • A growing lack of inhibition

  • Hallucinations.

Long term:

  • Severe kidney damage

  • Cirrhosis and permanent damage to the liver

  • Increased risk of cancers

  • Irreversible tooth decay

  • Skin damage and increased signs of visible ageing

  • Infertility

  • Strokes

  • Seizures

  • Sexual dysfunction (and loss of libido)

  • Lung & breathing issues

  • Cardiovascular problems

  • Overdose and the possibility of fatality

  • A decline in cognitive function

  • Memory loss

  • Chronic paranoia (resulting in the collapse of relationships and increased social anxiety)

  • Depression

  • Psychosis.

Alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue in the UK and something that government officials are desperately trying to address. Unfortunately, as binge drinking has become rooted in British culture, many people are unable to recognise the fact that they have a drinking problem before it’s too late.

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Short & Long Term Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

While having the occasional drink at social events is safe enough, if you are unable to limit your consumption it can escalate into a serious problem.

Let’s look at some of the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse and how the short term and long term effects can impact a person’s life. If any of the following apply to you, our alcohol rehab in Exeter could just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Short term:

  • Slurring of the speech

  • Feelings of drowsiness

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Frequent and severe headaches

  • Having difficulty breathing

  • Distorted vision and trouble with hearing 

  • Impaired judgment (often resulting in brash decision making)

  • Temporary unconsciousness 

  • Anaemia

  • Coma

  • Blackouts

  • Unintentional injuries such as being in a car crash.

Long term:

  • Intentional injuries such as sexual assault and domestic violence

  • Increased risk of work-related injuries

  • A loss of productivity both at work and at home

  • Increased relationship issues

  • Alcohol poisoning 

  • High blood-pressure

  • Stroke

  • Liver disease

  • Nerve damage 

  • Sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction for example)

  • Permanent brain damage

  • Ulcers 

  • Gastritis

  • Malnutrition 

  • Increased risk of cancer of the mouth and throat

  • A wide variety of mental health issues, including depression.

Drug and alcohol rehab Exeter

As you can see, drugs and alcohol can have a terrible impact on a person’s life. Now that you have a clearer understanding of the dangers involved, let’s explore our drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Exeter and how we can tailor a specialised rehab programme especially for you.

Drug rehabilitation Exeter

Are you concerned that your drug use might be getting out of control? If so, we urge you to contact one of our rehab treatment centres today. We have a number of treatment options available for those battling with alcohol or drugs and will gladly provide you with some free advice on how to overcome addiction for good.

Alcohol rehab in Exeter

Do you feel that perhaps your alcohol consumption could be causing a number of health problems? If so, we can help you begin the recovery process with a personalised treatment programme that is designed especially for your unique situation and requirements.

Want to know more about the rehab process and the treatment programmes available in Exeter? Simply read on and we will talk you through what life is like at one of our treatment centres.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Exeter - How does it work?

So, how do rehab centres work? Is seeking alcohol and drug addiction treatment an easy process? Is it something that is genuinely worth your time? Here’s what you need to know…

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Step 1 - Intake (the process of getting into rehab):

Getting into drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think it is. The first step simply begins with a decision to seek help and a want to get better. If you are determined to make a change, you can reach out to our treatment centre and one of our rehabilitation experts will gladly advise you on next steps.

The initiation process into rehab begins with a comprehensive initial assessment. This is where our experts will aim to find out as much about your situation as possible, what your unique requirements will be, and what you have been struggling with.

In order to better understand the treatment options suited to you, our medical staff and rehab counsellors will pay close attention to your physical and psychological health, and whether outpatient treatment or residential rehab is your best option.

Step 2 - Drug alcohol detox:

After having been successfully initiated into our drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter, you will then need to go through the detoxification process. This means cleansing your body of the harmful substances that you have been abusing.

While detox from drugs or alcohol can be incredibly dangerous – not to mention the painful withdrawal symptoms – you can rest assured that you will be in the safest hands at our drug alcohol rehab in Exeter. The entire process will be overseen by medical experts in state of the art facilities to ensure that you are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Please note that you should avoid detoxing on your own without the proper medical supervision. Depending on the severity of your addiction, the withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly dangerous.

Step 3 - Long term treatment efforts:

Now that your system is cleansed and you have successfully made it through the detox process, it’s time to start working on your long term treatment and addiction recovery. While all rehab centres work differently, most reputable clinics follow similar methodology with a focus on mental health.

Our addiction treatment services include a wide range of evidence based psychotherapeutic treatments, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy sessions, and a number of other proven methods recommended by addiction specialists.

The addiction recovery treatments you take part in will largely depend on the severity of your substance abuse and the treatment plan you are on. In any case, the main focus of your rehab programme will be meditative and psychological treatment to help you unearth any underlying mental health problems, better understanding the nature of your addiction, and arming you with the tools to recognise potential signs of relapse and avoid them accordingly.

Step 4 - Recovery and aftercare:

After you have completed your inpatient treatment programme at one of our drug and alcohol rehab centres, you will then be ready to return to your home and family. That said, just because you have left residential rehab, it doesn’t mean that your battle with addiction is over.

For many people sobriety and addiction recovery is an ongoing process. This is why we will put together an aftercare plan that is designed especially for you. Your aftercare plan will involve further help and support and an extended treatment programme if necessary (e.g., one on one counselling, support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and / or further cognitive behavioural therapy, etc). This all depends on you, your progress, and how comfortable you are returning to your life without the fear of relapsing.

How long does rehab take?

So, how long does drug and alcohol rehab take? The duration varies from one rehab clinic to the next, including what your individual needs and requirements are. In general, the average rehab programme for addiction recovery from drugs or alcohol can take:

  • 30-days

  • 60-days

  • 90-days

If the thought of being away from your family for an extended period of time doesn’t sit well with you, you can explore either inpatient or outpatient options instead.

Outpatient treatment services can include group therapy and other treatment options at a time and frequency that suits you. In other words, if you have familial and work priorities and cannot afford to move into a rehab centre for an extended period of time, you can receive treatment services in the evenings and then return home to your family afterward.

Please note, outpatient programmes are viable for those who do not have an especially severe addiction. If however, you are struggling with a serious addiction to drugs and alcohol and fear for your physical and mental well-being, residential rehab is highly recommended.

Private rehab clinics Exeter

Rehab Today by PCP has a number of private rehab clinics in Exeter and across the UK. Our drug and alcohol rehab facilities are equipped with state of the art medical equipment and are staffed by licenced professionals who are well-positioned to help you with your addiction recovery.

We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter

Do you live in or near Exeter and you want to receive some of the leading addiction treatments in the UK? If so, we urge that you contact us today to explore our addiction services further. If you like, you can request a callback for free addiction advice and one of our friendly team members will talk you through next steps.

We understand all too well how alienating it can be when suffering from addiction but, again, you are not on your own. In fact, many of our staff at the rehab facility in Exeter are recovering addicts themselves. This means that you can walk into the treatment centre absent fear of judgement and find yourself surrounded by like-minded people who know exactly what you are going through.

Are you ready to take back control of your life once and for all?

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What We Do

At Rehab Today (PCP) we offer all of our clients a safe and confidential alcohol detox across all of our trusted residential centres. Our alcohol detox treatments are thoroughly regulated by the Care Quality Commission and delivered by our experienced in-house doctors and nurses. Using evidence-based research and years of experience, we tailor your alcohol detox treatment personally to you and guide you on your path to sobriety.

How We Can Help

Alcoholics feel hopeless, no matter how much they want to stop. However, it is possible to stop and to stay stopped, and even enjoy the process. Our team of professionals have helped thousands of different people like you, who are struggling to recover from active alcohol addiction.

We are ready to help you overcome this deadly disease; are you ready to begin the recovery process and reconnect with your life and the old “you”?

We have a number of programs for people with alcohol use disorder and will do everything in our power to guide you through the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and help you take back control of your life.

Why Choose Us

We operate some of the UK’s leading drug and alcohol rehab centres and have been successfully treating people and their addictions for over 15-years. We treat our clients with the highest level of respect and dignity. At Rehab Today (PCP) we pride ourselves in providing a safe, comfortable, and judgement-free environment for you to receive your alcohol detox treatment.

That, and few people understand with symptoms of alcohol withdrawal than those who have had an alcohol use disorder themselves. Many of our medically trained staff have been a patient in an alcohol detox program and can speak from personal experience of just how difficult it is – and just how amazing it feels to be free of addiction.

If you decide to tackle your addiction with us you will have access to a wealth of resources. From free advice on how to start on your journey to recovery, to medication, care from medically trained professionals, and support groups with other people who understand exactly what you are going through.

How to Get Help

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Ready to tackle your alcohol addiction? If so then getting professional help is the first real step to overcoming your problem and starting your journey to recovery. Please do not hesitate to use the live chat function to get in touch with a member of our team or contact us via telephone for immediate support and admission. Call today on 0800 0380 480. We have a number of friendly and professional staff waiting on standby 24/7