Helping Families Heal

Another vitally important part of the treatment and recovery process is about empowering family members and concerned others as to how to best support their loved one before, during and after treatment.

Having a strong support network has a positive influence on long term treatment outcomes and it is for this reason that we allow our clients to use their mobile phones in the evening after their first week, so that they can contact their families and start to rebuild trust.

We also allow family visits after the patient has completed 2 weeks of treatment and family members are encouraged to contact the team if they wish to be informed of their loved one’s progress in treatment or for general advice and guidance.

All of our clinics provide a monthly family support group to educate family members about addiction, boundaries and coping strategies. This gives family members a chance to meet other people in the same boat and to share experiences.

We understand that there can be specific family problems, linked to a family member’s addictions. These situations can require and benefit from  the family and the client coming together in a safe space to talk and resolve their issues. We are here to help and can facilitate these conversations with you.

For more information on the times and dates of the family support meetings at each location please contact the local centre.