Are you worried your own teenager may be using drugs? Or perhaps you have a teenage sibling or friend you have concerns for? That being the case, there are several signs to look out for that indicate they could very well have a drug abuse problem or drug addiction and need professional addiction help.

If once you have read this article, you are still concerned and want to help them, providing they are 18 or over we are able to offer full private residential detox and rehab treatment services. For those that are under 18, it will be necessary to contact their GP and request support from the local child drug intervention services.

Common Signs That a Teenager is Abusing Drugs Include:

  • Sudden change in appearance, weight or hygiene – for which there is no valid explanation
  • Always asking to borrow money
  • Selling items of value
  • Committing crimes
  • Severe mood swings
  • They have become secretive, defensive and withdrawn
  • They are socialising with a different circle of friends
  • They are always sneaking out or staying out for long periods of time
  • Regularly pushing boundaries and breaking any rules that you try to enforce
  • Their work, school, college or university studies are being affected
  • Being manipulative and suffering from severe mood swings
  • They have become anxious and depressed
  • They frequently receive a post of padded or plain envelopes
  • You have found drug paraphernalia or empty blister packs amongst their personal items

With teenagers, in particular, it can be hard to spot the signs of a drug problem. Teenagers naturally develop mood swings and can be prone to changing friends and suffering from anxiety. However, any substantial change in their appearance or character should NOT be ignored.

Help for teenagers can also be obtained by contacting and

If you are interested in our drug detox and rehab services, please call and speak to a member PCP’s friendly team of staff. We are happy to assist and advise in any way that we can.