The UK’s leading alcohol charities, Alcohol Research and Alcohol Concern have joined forces to tackle England’s ever-increasing alcohol problem.

On the 1st of May 2018, the newly merged alcohol charity released a critical report, highlighting how increasing government cuts to the treatment sector have resulted in loss of qualified staff, rapid and unstable re-tendering cycles and reduced percentage of engagement.

These losses and cuts have had a hugely detrimental impact on the quality and effectiveness of alcohol treatment in the UK.

The report, The Hardest Hit: Addressing the crisis in alcohol treatment services brings to light, through reliable research and statistics, just how much England and the rest of the UK are suffering right now, and how this is predicted to only get worse.

Vulnerable Alcoholics Are Dying Daily In The UK

The report states that it is the most vulnerable that are being hit the hardest by government funding cuts and lack of political support.

Currently, an estimated 595,000 individuals in England alone are alcohol dependent and in need of specialist detox and rehabilitation services. Out of this number, less than a 5th are receiving treatment for their alcohol dependence.

This means, that most who are suffering are not receiving the correct treatment required in order to overcome their alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is a life-threatening disease if left untreated; many of these people will sadly die from alcohol-related physical and mental health issues.

In the UK, roughly 1 person dies every hour as a direct result of alcohol.

Table 1

Adults in alcohol treatment england 2014 to 2017

Table 1. Adults in alcohol treatment england 2014 to 2017.

Untreated Alcoholism is Killing our Children

The reality is that the deadly net of alcohol addiction is cast even further; the report states that around 200,000 children are currently being raised in England by an alcohol-dependent carer. Now, do we have your attention?

Being raised by an alcohol-dependent carer often leaves a lasting imprint on a child. This can result in complex childhood trauma, codependency problems and neglect. It also makes these children more predisposed to developing alcohol addiction themselves, later on in life.

Government funding for alcohol rehab and drug rehab is set to be cut completely in 2020. The drastic cuts over recent years have already taken their toll. This doesn’t even bear thinking about. The potential impact of this is that we are creating a nation of future alcoholics and harming the most vulnerable and in need of help.

Liver Disease Rates in England Amongst the Highest in the World

Over the past 40 years, Liver disease rates, caused by alcoholism have increased by an alarming 250%. This is far higher than most of the rest of the developed world, which has seen rates fall in recent years.

These shocking statistics really do show the extent that the reduced cuts and funding for alcohol treatment is having on the UK. Yet this is nothing new, liver disease rates and alcohol-related deaths have been increasing for years, and for years public spending on alcohol treatment has been cut further back. So when is it going to stop? When is it going to change?

Sadly, for the foreseeable future, England’s alcohol crisis is only set to worsen.

More Are Turning To Private Alcohol Rehab

Private alcohol rehabs are being warned to “brace” themselves for the increasing demand for professional alcohol rehab treatment. This service is very rarely met by local drug and alcohol NHS services.

Contrary to popular belief, not all rehabs are out to make money and take advantage of vulnerable individuals. PCP have kept their treatment standards high and their prices low to stay more accessible and open to all.

Naturally, all private rehabs have to cover costs: professional addiction staff, doctors, nurses, medications, training, food, accommodation, treatments, facilities and utility bills are just some of the outgoing expenses incurred through every admission for rehab treatment. No grants or funding are received from the government to support alcohol rehab.

Keeping Alcohol Rehab Affordable

With more and more rehabs opening throughout the UK, stringent CQC regulations have to be met in order to be registered to deliver safe and effective alcohol and addiction treatment. PCP has four CQC registered rehab clinics in the UK, that specialises in alcohol detox and alcohol rehab.

We have kept our prices as low as possible, yet still, offer an outstanding quality of highly effective alcohol treatment.

We are also the sole contracted rehab providers for The Jeremy Kyle Show. Our prices are affordable by most and very competitive. You will find it extremely difficult to find another rehab in the UK or overseas that can match our service, reputation and price.

The reason we keep our prices is low is that we genuinely care; we want to help as many alcoholics and addicts to recover from this life-threatening disease as humanly possible.

PCP Alcohol Rehab Can Help

If you or a loved one have an alcohol dependence or abuse problem, please do call us to discuss your private treatment options. Our friendly team will be happy to discuss with you how we can help. Our whole ethos is structured around helping the most vulnerable and still suffering alcoholics and addicts. Our treatment works; you can build a life that that is free from alcohol with our expert help.

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Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK merged in April 2017 to form a major independent national charity, working to reduce the harm caused by alcohol. For more information visit: and