Thank you postcards

Postcards sent to us as a thank you.

January 2019 –

‘8 weeks ago, we were so lost, confused, upset, disappointed and so totally alone. When our son made his mind up to seek help, we found PCP. This was the start for all of us to get in a better place both mentally and physically. We have seen a tremendous change in our son. He seems so well, confident and empowered by life itself! He seems to have ‘found his way’ and we are so happy. I remember a member of the management team saying to us ‘its 95% him and 5% us’. May God help all his friends that are left behind at PCP. Thank you so much! You have bought our son back from the dark.’ – 7.1.19

‘Really happy and grateful to have travelled to this facility. I am amazed by the sense of unity and support by peers and staff. Thank you for the life changing opportunity, I have done what I came here to achieve. Time to get addicted to life!’ 14.1.19

‘I have been to two rehabs before so I thought I would just be rehearsing the same work- but this time I had a really difference experience. The approach was much more balanced. The people have been wonderful, I hope to stay in touch with many of them. I would recommend PCP, in 8 weeks I have learned a lot and felt a huge change. Everything here is incredible!’ – 26.1.19

February 2019 –

‘I arrived at PCP 12 weeks a go in such a bad, broken state and was treated non-judgementally with love, understanding and direction. I found the honesty of the counsellors, their knowledge and shared experience refreshing. I am a different person, both physically and mentally. PCP has been such an amazing experience; I have been given the tools and knowledge to change my life. From the bottom of my hear, I want to thank you all.’ – 13.2.19

‘The structure of treatment, including the detox is brilliant, it has all made me soo much stronger! All the staff have been brilliant. The best. Thanks to all the staff for their help, you are all great. The group therapy sessions were invaluable to my time here. The workshops were superb and my 1 to 1s have shown me a whole new side to myself.’ – 26.2.19

‘All elements worked for me and helped me get dry from alcohol. I had my eyes opened to the illness that I suffer with and to other people’s lives and problems. The Perry Clayman Project is the best rehab treatment centre that I have ever been to (I have been to 4). The genuine care, concern and expertise of all the PCP staff- from the receptionist to the accounts team to the housing team to management and definitely the counsellors!!’ – 28.2.19

March 2019 –

‘I came to The Perry Clayman Project in December 2018 for 12 weeks rehabilitation. Every aspect of the treatment received was top drawer! I have absolutely appreciated and am so very, very grateful to everyone in P.C.P. I am very lucky to have had this opportunity and I will make it count. I would and will recommend P.C.P to anyone, anywhere who needs treatment. I cannot fault anything about P.C.P, in my opinion, you put in your best, for the best results.’ – 2.3.19

‘All counsellors were great and approachable, my rocks, my guide, my light. You all gave me inspiration with your experiences and knowledge. I always felt safe and supported during my 8 weeks at PCP. My sincere gratitude to all the caring professions in this facility. ‘ – 12.3.19

‘To all the team at PCP. This experience has, without question, absolutely saved my life and given me back the life I have so desperately wanted. The counsellors have been amazing, and the nurse has been more than helpful and always lovely. The management team was so great in talking me through their story before I decided to stay. Nothing on earth would repay what this place has given me and my family and I will be eternally grateful.’ – 13.3.19

‘The staff here are a light house in choppy waters. Words can’t express the gratitude that I have for you all. I will forever hold in my heart what you have done for me. I was more or less dragged through the front doors by my family, but I will float out as happy as I have ever been and can fulfil the life that I deserve. Keep saving lives!’ – 25.3.19

April 2019-

‘Thank you so much. There are not enough words to describe how very thankful I am for all the help you have given to my son in his darkest hours of need. We all have so much to thank you for. God bless you all.’ – 9.4.19

‘When I arrived at PCP, I was a shell of a woman, uncooperative and difficult. Now I am leaving after 12 weeks, a completely different woman and that is all down to you! Thank you for guiding me through my time here. I have learnt so much about myself and the illness that I suffer from. I feel bless to have done this. I am going to smash this illness!’ – 11.4.19