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In case you are wondering how long does cocaine stay in your system, you should know that cocaine is metabolized faster than a lot of other drugs, but it’s hard to say exactly how long it stays in your system because there are so many factors at play.
As with any substance, the more cocaine you use, the longer it’ll stay in your system. The purity of the drug must also be considered. The purer the cocaine, the more potent its effects will be, and the longer it will stay in the system.
The four different tests which can detect how long does cocaine stay in your system are the following:

Blood – cocaine can be detected in your blood up to 2 days after taking it
Saliva – cocaine can be detected in your saliva up to 2 days after taking it
Urine – cocaine can be detected in your urine up to 4 days after taking it
Hair – cocaine can be detected on samples of your hair up to 90 days after taking it

What are the effects of mixing cocaine and alcohol?

Even though it’s quite a dangerous practice, many people use cocaine and alcohol at the same time. This can not only cause serious side effects, but it can be fatal. Mixing alcohol and cocaine causes the metabolite from cocaine to linger in the body for longer than normal periods. Further, the metabolite called cocaethylene is created by the liver when alcohol and cocaine are used simultaneously.

When cocaine and alcohol are used together, the combination results in a cocaine metabolite that remains in the body for a longer period.

Those who use both substances together are at an increased risk of having:

  • An impaired immune system
  • Seizures
  • Liver damage
  • Death

How to get cocaine out of your system

Many websites claim that there are immediate ways to “flush out” your system after cocaine use, such as drinking lots of water, taking a detox pill, eliminating alcohol and caffeine, consuming fresh fruit high in antioxidants, and taking natural herbs.

However, none of these claims have been substantiated under scientific conditions. The only reliable way to get cocaine out of your system is to stop use and allow your body time to metabolize and eliminate it.

Drug treatment centres

The longer you continue consuming drugs and alcohol, you’ll develop a tolerance to the drug which means that living without them becomes psychologically and physically challenging.
A cocaine addiction should be treated seriously and our team of highly skilled therapists and clinicians work with you every step of the way to ensure that you overcome this battle.

Drug detox centre

Our experienced team had years of collective experience in planning successful detoxes that help and support individuals who want to recover from their cocaine addiction.

Our drug detox centre offers the most effective methods for our patients. A medical drug detox, within a controlled rehab environment, helps to diminish drug withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. This makes drug detox a much safer, comfortable, and achievable process. Every treatment program is tailored to your needs to offer you the best chances of recovery. Based on your initial consultation, we will advise you on how long you should consider staying with us. Each person has different needs, but your stay should be long enough to address the causes of your addiction to prevent relapse, as well as treating the physical effects of withdrawal symptoms.

PCP provides affordable and life-saving alcohol and drug detox and rehab treatment of exceptional quality. We operate the UK’s leading drug rehab centres and have been successfully treating people for over 15 years.

A full medical team is always present in the clinic and available to you at the early stages of the detox and the start of the rehabilitation. We treat our clients with respect and dignity. We also pride ourselves on creating a safe, comfortable environment for you to receive your treatment. By addressing the major habits, the addiction goes away, and you get to lead a drug-free life. At the end of your rehab, you will have your life back!

If you or someone you know is struggling with cocaine abuse and dependency, we are here to help you!

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