As word spreads regarding the quality of addiction treatment that we offer within our alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs, not to mention great value for money that is hard to match by any other UK rehab. PCP have found the need for expansion in order to meet the increasing demand for quality addiction treatment in the Midlands area.

Affordable Rehab Treatment That Works

Our ethos, pricing and standards of treatment appeal to those seeking affordable rehab treatment that works.

At PCP, we don’t like turning anyone away, we have always prided ourselves on the fact that we can provide immediate admissions whenever there is a crisis.

In order to meet the increasing demand for alcohol and drug rehab through our services, we are expanding our Leicester, Midlands inpatient detox and rehab centre by an extra 5 beds.

So that we can safely expand our patient intake and still deliver the same high standards of alcohol and drug treatment, we have purchased a new property; taking our Leicester rehab capacity up to a total of 20 beds.

To ensure that our patients are not affected by patient/staff ratio, we have also employed a further qualified addiction counsellor to work at our rehab clinic in Leicester.

Better Facilities, Better Treatment

In addition to our expansion at Leicester, we have also purchased a new car and driver to ensure that clients can get to hospital appointments, doctors, dentists and any other important appointments that cannot be put off until after rehab has been completed.

Our Leicester rehab patients are always accompanied by an experienced member of staff to any appointments outside of the rehab. A new car means that we can deliver a more seamless service and will no longer have the need for taxis

PCP is currently undergoing a number of exciting changes and expansions so that more individuals in need can access high-quality addiction and dual diagnosis treatment at an affordable price. The changes we are making will not affect our prices and only further improve the exceptional and sought after service that we already provide.

If you need any addiction help, advice for your self or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice.