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Drug Treatment & Rehab

Below are some of the common drug rehab questions we are asked at PCP. These are intended as a guide and general information only, and is a work in progress, which we’ll be adding to often. For professional, tailored advice or answers to any of your questions, please get in touch with us. Our expert staff can help answer any questions you have about drug addiction, recovery and drug rehab – whether it’s for you or a loved one.

What is drug rehabilitation?
Drug rehabilitation is the process that someone with a drug addiction will need to undertake in order to successfully overcome their addiction. It involves intense group and 1-2-1 counselling, as well daily support and guidance which aims to enable someone to understand what is underneath their addiction and learn the skills and tools required to break free from their addiction.

What drugs does the rehab programme help with?
The PCP drug rehab programme caters for all addictions, whether this be illicit drugs or over the counter/ prescribed medication. The programme works on the premise that it is not really the drug itself that requires the focus, it is the person who is addicted to drugs.

Am I allowed visitors in rehab?
Currently, due to COVID-19, we are not allowing any visitors into the rehab, so we are supporting our patients to maintain contact with loved ones via video calling. You are allowed your phone throughout your rehab stay, as staying in contact helps you to rebuild your relationships with family, which may have been damaged due to the addiction. Once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, PCP rehab allows visits every weekend from the 4th week onwards.

How long will I need to be in rehab for?
There is no set time which is recommended but generally speaking the longer the better! When you are addicted to drugs, you will have developed habits over a long time which have kept you in addiction, so drug rehabilitation is also about practising new habits of behaviour which you will need to practice after rehab to stay clean. Habits take a long time to become a part of your everyday life, so the longer you spend in rehab the more time you will have to develop these new, positive behavioural habits.

Does the programme help me with my drug cravings?
Yes! Every day that you spend in rehab, not using drugs, the less your mind will crave the drug. By engaging in positive thoughts and learning about yourself and addiction, you will not want to take drugs anymore, your sole focus will be staying away from them.

What else can you help me with?
No matter how long you are with us, our aim is to help you practically in every element of your life. You will have a dedicated ‘Keyworker’ who will discuss with you any other issues that you may be facing, such as housing, employment, legal and health problems and put in place everything you need to ensure that these issues are dealt with in the best way possible.

What rehab programmes do PCP offer?
PCP offers a 4 week, 8 week and 12 week rehabilitation programme. A 4 week programme will really give you the foundations for your recovery, taking you through Steps 1-3. The 8 week programme builds on this foundation and takes you through the very important Steps 4-9 of the addiction recovery programme. The benefit of doing the 12 week programme is that in this time, PCP will teach and take you through something called the 12 step programme. The 12 step programme is a tried and trusted method used to overcome addiction, but it will take the full 12 weeks to learn the programme

Will I receive 1-2-1 counselling whilst in rehab?
Yes, of course. 1-2-1 counselling is a critical part of our rehabilitation programme as naturally there will be some things that you may need to talk about that you do not feel comfortable speaking in a group setting. All of our counsellors are trained to be able to support you emotionally throughout your rehab programme.

How successful is the rehab programme?
We have a very high success rate of people completing the programme and remaining drug free, around 80%. Ultimately, the only thing that can guarantee the success of the programme is the person receiving it. PCP employs highly qualified, experienced staff who have helped thousands of people over the years. Our programme is developed and improved regularly, based on the most up to date evidence and knowledge. If you put into practice everything you learn in rehab, you are highly likely to remain drug free for the rest of your life.

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