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What We Do

We Provide a safe, confidential alcohol and drug rehab clinic in Chelmsford. Where required all addiction treatment is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and is provided by our experienced in-house doctors and nurses.

How We Can Help

Alcohol & Drug addictions can impact the users physical and mental health. We understand how difficult it can be for you and your loved ones. Our team in Chelmsford has helped thousands to recover from a wide range of drug addictions. We are ready to help you overcome this, are you?

Why Choose Us

We operate the UK's leading drug and alcohol & addiction rehab centres. Our alcohol and drug rehab Chelmsford clinic treats client with respect and dignity, and pride themselves on creating a safe, comfortable environment for you to receive your drug addiction treatment.

How to Get Help

Getting professional help is the first step to overcoming your alcohol or drug addiction. We invite you to use the live chat function to get in touch or contact us via telephone for immediate support and admission. Call today on 0800 0380 480.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Chelmsford

PCP Chelmsford is our newest residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic.

PCP is a large affordable rehab, that offers excellent addiction treatment at a very competitive price. As well as being able to accommodate up to 12 primary care clients, we also have a separate 6 bedded facility for those that require higher levels of care during detoxification from alcohol and drugs.

Our Chelmsford rehab clinic is staffed 24/7 by fully trained and qualified staff, experienced in helping individuals through their detox and rehabilitation.

We want to ensure that you or your loved one are as safe and as comfortable as possible during detox, and so follow CQC regulations and strict protocols to the letter.

Ideal Rehab Location

PCP Chelmsford, is ideally situated within easy reach of the town centre. There is a nearby direct train line that frequently travels to and from London. We are also very easy to access from all areas of the UK and overseas, with a large airport only ten minutes drive from our rehab centre.

Luton, Bedfordshire, is a busy multicultural and diverse town; boasting its own cinema, games and bowling complex, a large indoor shopping area, library, nearby college and plenty of cafes and restaurants to enjoy.

There is also a spacious and beautiful nature reserve nearby at Stockwood Park. Lutons Discovery Centre and transport museum are ideal for young and old enquiring minds. Stockwood Park, The Discovery Centre and Transport Museum are all free to access; making Luton an ideal place for the families of our clients to visit.

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At PCP Chelmsford we have made it possible for the vast majority of individuals to access affordable alcohol and drug rehab. We understand the nature of addiction and are devoted to saving lives. We have every faith in our treatment programme, that has helped more than a thousand individuals to experience the miracle of permanent recovery from addiction.

"The PCP Alcohol and Drug Rehab Clinic in Chelmsford has changed my husband's life for the better. I highly recommend their rehab services."

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