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Alcohol addiction is so widespread that sometimes people don’t see it as an addiction anymore and consider it quite normal.

Especially during these difficult times of uncertainty, many people are drinking more than they used to in an attempt to relieve stress. This is wrong and can lead to alcohol addiction over a quick period.

Long-term alcohol use can cause serious health complications, affecting virtually every organ in your body, including your brain. Almost all risks involved with alcohol addiction may be avoidable or treatable, with successful long-term recovery. The important thing is to recognize the symptoms, admit the addiction and accept the treatment.

People who experience the following are also more likely to deal with their problems with alcohol:

– depression

– loneliness

– emotional stress

– boredom

How addictive is alcohol?

Alcohol can be a highly addictive substance, especially when consumed in large amounts within a short time.

Alcohol addiction develops in several stages. The process of addiction may begin with the first drink, with physical and mental factors that can escalate quickly.

Are you out there struggling with alcohol addiction? You’re not the only one – this is why we, at PCP Centres, are here to help!

Alcohol abuse leads to alcohol addiction most of the times

Alcohol affects everyone in different ways. Yet, alcohol abuse will certainly lead to alcohol addiction most of the time.

Once you are an alcohol addict, almost every aspect of your life feels adverse impacts. An alcoholic undergoes all kinds of suffering from mental, emotional, and eventually physical. It’s at this point where almost all the victims want to know ways of quitting alcohol.

There are many factors that can increase the risk of alcohol abuse. People may turn to alcohol for one reason and then gradually develop a dependency on drinking.

Alcohol tends to impair your judgement, therefore one is more likely to do “something stupid” under the influence of alcohol.

The symptoms of alcohol addiction

If someone close to you is showing any of the following symptoms, he or she might be dealing with alcohol abuse:

  • A lack of interest in previously normal, daily activities. Some of these can be even those which the subject enjoyed the most in the past.
  • Appearing intoxicated with alcohol regularly
  • Showing the need to drink more alcohol to achieve the same effects.
  • Appearing tired, unwell, or irritable
  • An inability to say NO to alcohol
  • Anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems
  • Becoming secretive or dishonest


A few short-term effects of alcohol abuse can cause:

  • Slow reaction time
  • Poor reflexes
  • Reduce brain activity
  • Lowered inhibitions
  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Restlessness


Alcohol addiction treatment

There are different forms of treatment available based on the frequency and severity of alcohol abuse. Getting professional help is the first real step to overcoming your alcohol addiction.

Talk with your doctor about the best treatment options to choose the right form of recovery for you. PCP has a very compassionate and personalised treatment approach to alcohol rehab; rehabilitating each of our clients individually and as a whole.

There are many different ways that people have conquered their addiction to alcohol. Some work, some don’t, and for most, it merely boils down to preference.

These types of therapy, however, are evidence-based and have been proven time and again to be the most effective:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Psychodrama Therapy

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism

If you are concerned that you or someone you care about has a problem with alcohol there is a lot of help available.

Don’t let easy access lead you or your loved ones to the depths of despair. Instead, call us today to find out more about treatments, facilities, and groups near you.

When you walk into one of our treatment centres and meet our team, you will immediately feel a sense of warmth, hope, positivity, and a caring family atmosphere.

We treat your alcohol addiction using both medical and psychological therapies. Whatever your problem is with alcohol, whether it is binge drinking, alcohol abuse, addiction, or dependence, PCP can help.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres? Perry Clayman Project!

Trying to fight alcohol abuse on your own could be hard. It doesn’t mean that that’s the end of life for you. You can opt for professional assistance to fight this evil.

Most rehab programs have a provision for both outpatient and inpatient programs, settle for the one that best suits you and start the process. Sometimes, after a little chat with the professional, he/she may recommend a special program for you.

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