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Third Stage Supported Housing

It is widely researched and acknowledged that there are certain factors that greatly enhance a person’s chances of achieving long term recovery. For many chaotic drug and alcohol users, returning to their home or using town, no matter how much counselling and support they have received in rehab, provides too many triggering risk factors that could lead to relapse. For many, their addiction has lead them to become homeless or have no fixed abode.

In light of this, a charitable project called PCP Housing was formed. PCP Housing is a supported housing project which offers people a completely fresh start to life in recovery, by providing housing in one of the bustling recovery towns in which we are located.

Upon completion of a minimum of 12 weeks treatment, clients can move straight into one of our many houses, where they will have their own room and access to the shared amenities of the house. Towards the end of primary or secondary treatment PCP Housing will deliver a pre-tenancy support package which prepares people for the start of their tenancy. One of the key elements of PCP Housing is that all residents will have a named Key-worker who provides support to help them to stay clean and sober, as well as to achieve any other goals in relation to work, social integration and health.

The long term goal for all PCP Housing residents is to become stable enough in their lives to find their own housing and move-on in their own time. For this reason the 3rd stage programme is ‘open-ended’, as everyone has different needs and some people progress more quickly than others.

For more information on PCP Housing please visit www.pcphousing.org.uk

View our detailed brochure here: PCP Housing Leaflet