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Primary Treatment

PCP runs a tried and trusted programme for drug and alcohol treatment which blends a combination of therapeutic models and support levels to meet your needs.

Our primary treatment programme lasts 12 weeks, however we can also provide a 2, 4 and 8 week programme depending on personal circumstances.

Our primary treatment programme is delivered by a therapeutic team of qualified counsellors and recovery workers, the majority of whom have the added benefit of also being in personal ‘recovery’ from an addiction problem themselves. This means that our staff has the expertise to safely help people to explore the deep rooted emotional issues that may have lead to and certainly come about from the addictive behaviours. They also have the personal experience of being in active addiction so are able to truly empathise with the client’s experiences, emotions and negative thinking patterns. They then become a positive role model and demonstrate to the client what needs to be done to stay clean and sober.

Throughout the programme, clients will engage in a combination of therapies and activities on a daily basis, inclusive of 1-2-1’s, group therapy, 12 step groups, art therapy, meditation, and anger management. Our psycho-educational workshops delivered in 1-2-1 and group settings, cover a range of topics and are tailored towards the group and its needs such as motivation, co-dependency, cross-addiction, relapse prevention, relationships, self esteem and assertiveness skills amongst others.

Our team will comprehensively guide clients through the 12 step programme and throughout treatment, AA, CA and NA meetings are attended, which means that even in the evenings our residents are kept busy and involved in a positive recovery process. These ‘mutual aid’ groups are held worldwide and we encourage our clients to attend these post-treatment.

Specialist counselling is provided to help with issues such as bereavement and abuse and to address co-occurring behavioural addictions such as gambling and sex addiction.

View our detailed brochure here: PCP Primary Programme