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Addiction is an illness that does not discriminate. It can affect anyone, at any time. It has no bounds. PCP regularly treats people from all walks of life with personal circumstances that mean they have different needs and wishes with regards to the treatment options available

Over the years, we have identified that some people may not be in a realistic position to access ‘residential’ treatment due to personal or work commitments. That should not stop someone from accessing high quality, intensive rehabilitation treatment.

If you are in a position where you are not able to ‘live with us’ you can still access our 7 day per week structured day programme of treatment and return home in the evening. This ‘day-care’ programme can be tailored to your personal circumstances, so that you can access the service as often as you are able and willing to. You will still have the same level of support and treatment as someone accessing the residential programme, for the length of programme you choose (2,4,8 or 12 weeks).

Day-care can also be incorporated into a residential aftercare package, to bridge the gap to normal living. For example after completing a 12 week programme of daily residential treatment, it would always be recommended that you engage in as much post-treatment support as possible and this could consist of 3 days per week of day-care. You could do this for 2 weeks, then go down to twice weekly and then once a week. We call this a ‘Step-down’ programme.

We have been successfully running a day-care programme at our Clapham clinic from many years, due to its easy access via the tube for London based clients, but we can and do deliver day-care services at all of our other branches.