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Clapham – Alcohol and drug rehab in London

PCP London is situated in Clapham, SW9; a smart and culturally diverse town within the London Borough of Lambeth. We are located just 5 minutes from Clapham Common and a 2 minute walk from Clapham North Tube station / Clapham Junction overground railway station.

PCP London was designed as a project that would be able to specifically meet the needs of people living within easy reach of the Capital and by offering more flexibility for higher net worth clients or for those running businesses and reluctant to take time off. In that respect we fully understand the complex needs of our clients and respect the seriousness of addiction.

PCP London has luxurious accommodation of a type typical of the area and Wifi throughout detox and long term accommodation. There is total capacity for 9 clients plus a full time overnight support member of staff. Having just 9 residents in total means that the atmosphere in Clapham is always more intimate and friendly.

PCP London offers specialist Anger Management and Domestic Violence related support as part of the standard primary rehab programme.

PCP Clapham – 378 Clapham Road, London, SW9 9AR
Tel: 0207 498 7659     Fax: 0207 498 7576