About The Perry Clayman Project

We are officially authorised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

PCP contributes to NDTMS (National Drug Treatment Monitoring System) and our project is a listed service provider within their system.

The Perry Clayman Project was founded with the aim of helping those who are suffering with drug or alcohol misuse

At PCP we use a twelve step abstinence based program, which is combined with one to one counselling, group sessions and other complimentary therapies. Our treatment programs range from 2 - 12 weeks.

On arrival each patient is assigned a focal counsellor who creates a care plan tailored to that individuals needs. We understand that coming in to treatment can be a difficult experience and that patients can require extra support. By sympathetically monitoring their progress and regularly reviewing and adapting our program we are able to address any difficulties which may arise.

We provide a fully medicated detox for those that are physically dependant. Our Doctor is a specialist in the treatment of withdrawal who then prescribes medication which will allow patients to become abstinent with a minimum of discomfort. Then the work of repairing self esteem, dignity and self-respect can begin.

By working in this patient centred way PCP is able to help those with a drug or alcohol problem.

PCP Registration - Your assurance of quality care

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) - the UK's independent health and social care regulation body - register PCP.

Our services meet or exceed essential standards established in 2012 by the NHS for quality, safety and patient care. It is only given to voluntary organisations, private companies and local authorities that are legally accountable for meeting high standards of delivering the best in rehabilitation care.

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"PCP saved my life and for that i will forever be truly grateful."
love Nicola .....2012

"PCP has healed me and my family and now its my turn to help others."

"PCP saved my life, when I came into PCP I was broken and desperate and couldn’t stop drinking. The moment I entered PCP the obsession to drink had left me and I really started to understand for the first time in my life why I had to drink and had no chance of stopping without the help of PCP. A big thank you to the Counsellors who stuck by me and helped me understand the illness of addiction. Today I have my family back in my life and have not had a drink for nearly 2 years. Thank you to PCP from the bottom of my heart."

"I thought that I would have to use drugs for the rest of my life before I found PCP. They showed me how to safely stop and remain stopped and how to live life on life’s terms. I thought I was going to die young. I have a job today and a partner with a baby on the way and that’s thanks to all the staff at PCP. I attend regular aftercare groups at PCP and feel stronger and positive about life every day. Thanks PCP I shall never forget all the staff, help and support that I received whilst with you"