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In today’s society the pressures of trying to keep one’s head above water and pay the bills has resulted in more and more of us turning to alcohol and drugs as a means of escape. Unfortunately for many, this then becomes a habit; which can then turn into a very real and very dangerous addiction, which can in turn result in a host of problems; from losing one’s job to hurting our friends and family. Drug rehabilitation is something that most addicts will not admit that they need, and so it can often be up to loved ones to make take the first step. Watching someone you really love slowly deteriorate into someone you can no longer recognize is a painful experience, especially when the person you love is not aware of their change. With drug abuse rehab you have a genuine solution to overcoming their addiction. At the Perry Clayman Project, which can be viewed at, a host of short term and long term treatments are available here in the UK, where beautiful surrounds will make the process of drug rehabilitation run that bit more smoothly. Whether the addiction is related to alcohol abuse, marijuana, heroin, crack, cocaine, or even gambling, there are individually catered drug rehab programs that last from two to 24 weeks, with aftercare service included, and which have no waiting lists.

Drug Rehabilitation

With so many people turning to drugs, alcohol and gambling as a means to escape from the daily grind of reality, it is sometimes almost impossible to spot when even our nearest and dearest have moved from being occasionally interested in a drink or a smoke, to being an addict. That’s why private drug rehab clinics are trying to reach out to family members to help them save their loved ones from ruining their lives and the lives of the people closest to them. With the level of care that is available at drug rehabilitation centres across the country not always at such a high standard, it’s important to make the right choice of rehabilitation. At the Perry Clayman Project a range of different treatments, varying from just a couple of weeks to almost half a year, are offered for a range of addictions, including heroin, crack and cocaine abuse, gambling addiction and alcohol dependency. They have a centre here in the UK which follows a twelve step structure over four stages of treatment. You will find in this location an established residential centre where patients will be offered a genuine chance at rebuilding their lives and have the opportunity to look forward to a future free of any addictions. Drug addiction rehab is not an easy process but it will ultimately improve and in some cases actually saves lives.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For anyone with a serious drug, alcohol or gambling addiction seeking help to overcome their problem or for anyone with someone close to them with similar ailments then there are drug rehab clinics that have the necessary means to help solve and conquer your addiction here in the UK. The Perry Clayman Project has set up to treat alcohol and drug misuse by incorporating a range of modern day treatments into a twelve step program. The periods of drug rehabilitation vary depending on your time constraints, with two week intensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs designed for people who have work and family priorities and cannot afford the time for the longer 12 or 24 weeks programs. With a specialist team of counselors, medical staff and nurses on hand round the clock, and with some excellent facilities, everything is in place to ensure that patients are given the best level of care available in an environment that will help them improve in a speedy yet sustained way. Whether it be alcohol or drug addiction rehabilitation the methods used are similar and have the same end goal of making sure that patients leave with a positive outlook on their lives clean of their addiction that invariably would destroy their lives and the lives of others close to them. Drug rehabilitation can work for addictions to crack, heroin and marijuana, and programs are tailored as such.

Living with an Addict

It can often be very hard to admit to yourself that your partner, son, or other close relation has stepped over the line from being a habitual consumer of alcohol or drugs to becoming an addict. With the consumption of alcohol being such an ordinary part of people’s lives and with designer and other hard drugs being so readily available, the levels of addiction amongst people from every walk of life has risen to an unprecedented stage. Drug alcohol rehab has now become an important tool in not only curing addictions, but can also help with the first step in confronting those with addictions that they must go and seek some form of drug rehabilitation. The Perry Clayman Project has wide ranging programs to treat a host of addictions, details of which can be viewed at With a dedicated team of professional counsellors, GP’s and nurses; patients at either clinic will receive excellent drug abuse rehabilitation and will almost certainly leave with a clean bill of health, and be able to look to a future without a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Drug rehab UK is often considered as being the best in the world with many worthwhile clinics being used by people from across the globe, and the quality of drug rehabilitation on offer is second to none.

Spotting the Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

When we are close to someone, and have spent a long period of our life caring for and loving someone, it can often be difficult to spot when that person has changed as a result of an addiction. The effects are often brought on gradually, making it difficult for those closest to the person suffering with an addiction to realize they have a problem and are in need of help. Drug rehabilitation is not something that should be considered a way of making a bad person good again, rather as a means to make sick people fell better again. There is no shame in admitting that you or your partner need help, and once this difficult step has been taken, then by following the advice of drug alcohol rehabilitation experts you can expect to be on the road to recovery in a very short period of time. Drug rehab centres like the one at the Perry Clayman Project have step by step programs that can be completed over different periods of time depending on your availability and your addiction. The finer details of the treatments of drug rehabilitation online can be seen at where you will find that treatments include helping to overcome crack, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and alcohol abuse, and also gambling. Make no mistake that treating these addictions with drug rehabilitation is the only way to stop people from destroying their lives.

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